As we left behind a century in the year 2020 and set sail for yet another one, American Hospital has decided to provide healthcare services to our much beloved friends who are members of our families in addition to serving human health.

Our initiative of stepping into the field of veterinary medicine stemmed from the absence of a corporate pet hospital of international standards in our country, which can bring together our veterinarians and modern technologies while practicing evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic protocols, keeping records of medical procedures and constantly improving on the basis of outcome reviews. Esteemed Rahmi M. Koç, the President of our Board of Directors, led and supported us professionals with his vision of establishing the VetAmerican Pet Hospital. The Koç Family also provided their heartfelt contributions as the sponsor. We have assumed the vision of promoting growth in the field of veterinary medicine, not only by means of clinical services, but also in terms of education and training.

Our veterinary services are launched with an initial focus on the mission of tending to the health of cats and dogs, which are members of our families. To realize this vision, a planning period of approximately 2 years was allocated. Having probed the negative and positive aspects of veterinary services around the world and in our country, we are now launching one of the most comprehensive hospitals in both our country and Europe. It is our opinion that some of its features are even unique on a global scale.

To exemplify:
  • We will be fondly welcoming our feline and canine friends from different entrances.
  • Separate waiting rooms are designated for our dogs, where they are allowed space to move in order to minimize their stress.
  • Wards, intensive care units and inpatient intervention areas are separately located for our cats and dogs.
  • Internal and surgical wards as well as intensive care units are also arranged to serve on different floors.
  • Due attention has been paid to make sure that all relevant areas, particularly operating rooms, are upheld to the same standards as in human health.
  • We have designed the “Family Ward” -a first in the world” in order to allow you to stay together with our beloved friends, who are inseparable from our children, after their operations.
  • Furthermore, we are launching the Radiotherapy, which is currently utilized for human health, as part our treatment protocols for the first time in Turkey at VetAmerican.

All of these features mark our commitment to emerge as a select institution in the world that offers a wide range of treatment options to our beloved friends in a safe environment of high quality standards reinforced by the experience of American Hospital.

As we all know, human resources are our most valuable assets in healthcare institutions. In this regard, our vision encompasses not only providing treatment services, but also raising qualified human resources for our country. In collaboration with our advanced education and training center RMK AIMES, we aim to train qualified veterinarians of the future in line with this vision.

We wish to raise an awareness of “respecting living beings”, our cats and dogs primarily, as we set out to carry out our new range or services in enthusiasm and affection.

I would like to underline the fact that we are the first corporate healthcare institution to provide healthcare services of high quality standards to your entire family and our beloved friends. The “Koç Healthcare Mobile” application, our portal for appointments, test results, treatments and medical images, now includes our beloved friends as well.

With your support, we strongly believe that we will provide reliable, transparent and successful healthcare services at VetAmerican Pet Hospital, the new member of the Vehbi Koç Foundation Healthcare Institutions (Koç Healthcare).

Best regards,

Erhan Bulutcu, M.D.
Koç Healthcare